Frequently Asked Questions

The rules for the competition state that you allow minimal alterations only. Does this apply to the use of the auto functions in Lightroom, Photoshop, or Aperture?

Editing should be minimal and any digital processing in most categories should be appropriate and used to enhance the quality of the image and not to distort it. So if auto correction features are used in Photoshop/Lightroom you should use your judgement as to whether they enhance or detract from the appearance of the image. The auto features can be of benefit in some situations but should not be wholly relied upon to create the best result in every case.

The use of digital software to correct colours, enhance detail in the shadow or highlight areas and to remove dust blemishes is actively encouraged. Replacing backgrounds or adding in additional elements to the scene from other images is not permitted. This is a photography competition as opposed to a display of digital manipulation skills.

The Creative Imagery category is of course an exception to this rule where we embrace the digital darkroom and allow entrants free reign to be creative in any way.

How many images can I enter in the Awards?

You can enter up to 48 photographs in the Awards across all 8 categories. You can enter up to 6 images in each category.

How many times can I enter?

Each photographer can enter the Awards as many times as they like.

How do I resize an image?

There are plenty of Photoshop (and other photographic software) tutorials online to show you how to resize an image. Please contact us if you require any assistance.

Is there a fee to enter the Awards?

Yes, there is fee to enter the photography awards.

How much is it to enter the Photography Awards?

Under 18 and early bird discounts can be viewed here

We charge per category entered. You can enter up to 6 images in each category. The costs are as follows:

£10 One image (single category)
£18 One category (up to 6 images)
£26 Any two categories (up to 12 images, with no more than 6 images per category)
£34 Any three categories (up to 18 images, with no more than 6 images per category)
£40 Any four categories (up to 24 images, with no more than 6 images per category)
£46 Any five categories (up to 30 images, with no more than 6 images per category)
£52 Any six categories (up to 36 images, with no more than 6 images per category)
£58 Any seven categories (up to 42 images, with no more than 6 images per category

Do I have to be 18 years or older to enter?

No, anyone can enter the competition. Those entrants under 18 on the date the competition closes will automatically be entered in to the Cameron Bespolka Young Bird Photographer of the Year Award in addition the main categories entered. Parental consent should be obtained by anyone under the age of 18.

Do I have to live in the United Kingdom to enter?

No, anyone can enter the competition from any country in the world.

Do photographs have to be taken within the UK?

No, you may enter photographs taken anywhere in the world.

I’d like to add another photograph to my entry, can I do that?

Once your entry is finalised and you pay the entrance fee you will not be able change your entry. However, you can always enter the competition again (additional entry fees will apply).

Can I change my entry once I have finalised it?

No. But you may enter the competition again.

I’d like to withdraw my entry, can I do that?

No. Once your entry is finalised you can’t withdraw it from the competition.

During the image submission process there is a tick box asking whether I want to allow the BTO to use my images in their library. Will I be paid?

No. This is a voluntary donantion of your images into the BTO library so the charity may use them in material they produce. This will include (but not be limited to) printed surveys, in house magazines and other publications, web sites, social media and other editorial and promotional purposes. Copyright of the image/s remains with the photographer at all times and the right to use image/s will not be sold on to a third party